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Revive Hair Care Rose De Nuit Hair Mist

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Revive Hair Mist is a refreshing hair perfume to keep your hair shiny and scented all day long. This formula gently works to soften, moisturize and protect against breakage while providing instant frizz control. It is specially designed for all-day use, so you can enjoy your time in the morning, after showering, or during the night.

Style your gorgeous curls in the best way possible with this hair mist that has NO Parabens, Sulfates, Silicones, or Toxins.

Size: 150 ml

Suitable for: All hair types

Suggested Usage: Spray this leave-in hair mist on wet hair or dry hair, section by section from the roots to the hair shaft for instant freshness.

Ingredients made in Italy & Spain. Bottled in Lebanon 🇱🇧